Bamboo Charcoal

・Charcoal Diet, popular among celebrities overseas Charcoal plus Cleansing equal Diet

・Cleanse with Beauty Detox It secretes a lot!

・The color is pitch black! But, it is a 

 sweet dessert

Tasty, but Beauty with Detox


・Among the many intestinal bacteria, we found that this one was the most powerful

・We used our biotechnology to make them more effective. What we got is our "Concentrated Lactobacillus"

・Healthy Intestine Beauty with Detox

・Our long research found out that heat processed lactobacillus are safer and effective.

It is bifidus, one of the lactobacillus. It is heat processed. We have a lot of patents for it.

Do you know FK-23?



Tasty, but Beauty with Detox

Red Bean

Red bean is awesome! Each of these small beans contain anti-aging components

・Red bean's history is old and it appears in Shennong Ben Cao Jing, which is the world oldest Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants.

・Nutritional food with its main component of proteins, including amino-acid essential

・Three times more fibers of burdock

・Vitamin B Group, indispensable for energy metabolism

・Red bean polyphenol is superior to that of red wine (Wrinkles, Blemish)

・Saponin found in the outer layers of red beans

・Zinc, a necessary component for new cells

・Potassium for your swellness

・Full of irons for your anemia

・GI level is low and your blood sugar level will not increase as much

Tasty, but Beauty with Detox


Black Engiyaki is now sold only at the main office and Osaka store. Please note.


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